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【BEST SUSHI in tsukiji fish market ,Tokyo 】 “SUSHIDAI”map/open hours/menu

Tsukiji FIsh Market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo.I am a former broker in the Tsukiji Fish Market. I’ve been working at Tsukiji for 25 years, and now I’m giving everyone real information about the Tsukiji Market and the Toyosu Market. Today, l will introduce the most popular sushi restaurant in the Tsukiji Market.

It is a very good restaurant where you can eat really delicious sushi at reasonable prices.

Those who like to drink lightly at Tsukiji Fish Market!



In October 2018, the Tsukiji Market(only inside market) moved to Toyosu.

Now, Tsukiji Outer Market is still here! And it’s getting more attractive.

\Fantastic Tsukiji Fish Market/


Let’s enjoy our new fish market! TOYOSU FISH MARKET(^O^)/



【BEST SUSHI in tsukiji fish market ,Tokyo 】 “SUSHIDAI”  The Map



【BEST SUSHI in tsukiji fish market ,Tokyo 】 “SUSHIDAI”  The Menu,  my recommendation is LUNCH ONE!!

You can check their menu, here sushidai website.

They also have the English menu at the shop.So, don’t worry! Feel free to go in!

My recommendation is Lunch menu ①②③.

You will find this paper on the door at the entrance, and on the wall of the inside of the shop. This paper is menu for the lunch! But unfortunately, all in Japanese. So,I will translate it ↓.Such a thing is written.


Lunch Time Menu, Service price.

  1. NIGIRI 1NINNMAE means Amount for 1person(7sushi, 1seaweed roll)¥1000
  2. NIGIRI1.5NINNMAE means Amount for 1.5person(10sushi,1seaweed roll)¥1500
  3. CHIRASHI means Bowl of rice topped with sashimi¥1200

※All items with miso soup

Of course, the regular menu is also very good, but this lunch menu is a great deal.

Just say lunch please, and give them the number①ー③! That’s all.

I always eat it, so I will show you a photo!


② NIGIRI 1,5NINNMAE ¥1500 ←My (big eater) favorites

Sushi comes out one by one. It is OK to eat as you like, with your hands, or with your chopsticks.Sushi fish changes depending on the day.This is the lunch ②, on the day I ate.

The squid

Scallop and sweet shrimp

Bonito and Horse mackerel

Sawara, Hiramasa and Tuna

Seaweed roll with cucumber and tuna

Shako (kind of crab)

The last one, Japanese omelette

Miso soup is also set


③ CHIRASHI means Bowl of rice topped with sashimi¥1200 ←Really good!


【BEST SUSHI in tsukiji fish market ,Tokyo 】 “SUSHIDAI”   open hours and more detail shop info.

address Tsukiji 6-21-2,chuuo,tokyo Japan 〒104-0045
tel +81 3 3541 3738
open hours Mon10:30am〜4:00am(next morning)

Tue10:30am〜4:00am(next morning)

Wed10:30am〜4:00am(next morning)

Thu10:30am〜4:00am(next morning)

Fri10:30am〜4:00am(next morning)

Sat10:30am〜4:00am(next morning)


payment cash only
 takes reservation? no
delivery? no
take out? no
wifi? no
noise level? quiet
good for kids? no
good for groups? no



25年間築地市場で魚を売りまくった元仲買人。これまで食べてきた魚市場のグルメにくわえて、新しいお店もレポート中・・!魚市場とお魚を愛してやまない元築地女子です。ブログとYouTube見てね(^O^)/ GUIDE BOOK OF FISH MARKET (tsukijiToyosu)from tokyo,japan. It'll help your fish market tour a lot! CHECK IT! Former Tsukiji Fish Market Broker. I worked in Tsukiji for 25 years, and my husband is the market bidder in the Toyosu market (new fish market). We use this blog to provide real useful information for visieters on the Tsukiji Fish Market and the Toyosu Market. This is an information guide for anyone visiting the fish market for the first time!

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