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【Tokyo Fish Market tour】Toyosu/Tsukiji former Tsukiji broker will guide you.
tsukiji mom
tsukiji mom
Hi, I’m Tsukiji Mom(@tsukji_Mom),who has been a Tsukiji broker for 25 years.I want to share the wonderful charm of Japanese seafood with fish, sushi, and sashimi lovers from all over the world.

Japanese seafood is the best in the world!

This is my YouTube channel. There are various videos such as the atmosphere of the fish market and the order of delicious fish.
I hope you like it.
All of them are the best fish.

nice lunch at TOYOSU fish market


You can join the space! TUNA AUCTION


Amazing food tour at TSUKIJI



↓Please read before going sightseeing in Tsukiji. You will be like a Tsukiji guide like me.

"Tsukiji Market Tour" Tokyo hot spot for Sushi Sashimi Lovers
"Tsukiji Market Tour" Tokyo hot spot for Sushi Sashimi Lovers What is Tsukiji Market? "Tsukiji Market" is Japan's largest fresh...




TUKIJI Marketers order seafood online! Those that were really delicious.

I buy a lot of fish every day and eat a lot. LOL


This crab was really amazing.


Japan’s new trend, “Valentine sea urchin” lol






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